PEACE & BLESSINGS and WELCOME to the "JIZ THE BARBER" website, I want to personally "Thank You" for taking the time to check out my page. 

For those visiting for the first time I would like to introduce myself to you and build a long lasting relationship built on Respect, Trust, and Professionalism.

JIZ THE BARBER© as he is professionally known, is the "ORIGINAL HAIRBANGER©" and is a born and bred Philadelphia native, who in the early 80's took an interest in cutting hair, "mastered" his craft and never looked back. He has been in the barber industry for over 25 years. 

JIZ is a detail-oriented individual with a passionate flair for fashion, style, and business and who is diligent in his craft and has been a Barber-Manager for over 20 years. He has worked for, with, and met and styled many dignitaries in his career.

It was at an early age that JIZ found his gift given by his Creator and chose that path to make a mark in the barbering industry in spite of his youthful indiscretions. JIZ has been involved in the hair industry for the past 25+ years and is notoriously known for pioneering the BIGEN Era in Philly (circa 1996) and his attention to detailed precision in perfecting styles, hairlines, and designs. 

What is most important to JIZ THE BARBER©, during this journey and through his craft are the memories of where and how it all began. It is those fond memories that keep him grounded.

"It was the Creator foremost, my faith, family, friends, and the people in the community I served that opened the doors for my success; and for that I am humbly grateful and here to SERVE."

 JIZ THE BARBER© is not just a name, it is a "brand." JIZ© is an Entrepreneur, Scholar, Author, Psychoeducational Group Facilitator and Educator, Leadership Consultant, Community Organizer, Activist, and Motivational Public Speaker; a true Professional and Mentor @(www.MenacetoMentor.org) working diligently with those individuals "at-risk" with personal life challenges as well as those striving for personal excellence. 

"I have spent many years perfecting and mastering this concept into a brand name and Program with many designs, logos, and product visions. And now I am blessed to be able to present them to the world. In time, I will unveil my "own" mobile app, a product line of hair and skin care essentials, a clothing line, instructional videos, books and signature tools. And lastly, an Autobiography and Documentary about this wonderful journey. Thanks to the grace of the Creator and the support of my dedicated colleagues, friends, family and YOU my current and future clients, I humbly Thank you."



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